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Free Resources: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in askSam Searchable E-Book

Posted Nov 21, 2005
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In September, we noted the publication/posting by askSam Systems of a searchable database containing the text of Shakespeare's Macbeth (See Free Resources: Shakespeare's Macbeth in askSam Searchable Database), along with a number of other works. askSam is still at it, recently announcing a free, searchable E-book containing the text of Romeo and Juliet.

Per the announcement:

The text from Romeo and Juliet is available in a searchable, hypertext-linked askSam database. The individual scenes are divided into separate documents in the database. This allows you to easily search and locate scenes pertaining to specific topics - great for students, teachers, and Shakespeare buffs.

The askSam version allows you to search, browse, and analyze the text. You can either view the text online, or you can download the searchable version of Romeo and Juliet with the free askSam viewer at

There is no charge for the software or information.

The downloadable version provides students and scholars with features to search and analyze the text of the play.

In addition to Romeo and Juliet, askSam has also prepared free searchable versions of the following:

- Hamlet
- Macbeth
- Leonard Da Vinci's Notebooks
- The Bible
- 9-11 Commission Report
- Patriot Act
- Sarbanes-Oxley Act
- Transcripts from the 2004 Presidential Debates

More information on these and other files at

Source: askSam Systems

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