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Free Resources: ProQuest Free Online Training

Posted Jul 28, 2005
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Continuing our "You've Got Time—We Hope" theme (See Cool Links: Meet the Gamers; The Games Children Play), here's an idea for some no-cost online professional development, in one-hour bites, for those of you whose schools/libraries subscribe to ProQuest products and services.

Follow THIS LINK to ProQuest Information and Learning's calendar of Web training sessions being offered on a wide range of their products. Click on "August" and "Search" for the relevant calendar, pick a session on a product you and your students use, and sign up!

Do you use CultureGrams, or promote its use to your teacher colleagues? How does this sound?:


This one hour class covers the content, features and tips for using CultureGrams as well as ideas for incorporating it into the classroom curriculum. Learn how to use the colorful graphical search interface to locate information on over 180 countries throughout the world. Students will learn how to leverage statistical data and create custom data tables. Your questions will be answered by a CultureGrams training expert during this interactive session.

Try it out. Total cost: one hour of your time. i.e.: It's free!

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