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Free Resources: PBS Teachers' New Collection for Teaching Critical Economic and Financial Literacy Skills

Posted Dec 15, 2009
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PBS Teachers has announced the creation of Access, Analyze, Act: From Economic Theory to Financial Reality, a special collection of educational digital media resources about the economy for use in school and home learning environments. PBS Teachers is the web portal to PBS' preK-12 educational services and a searchable library of more than 9,000 free local and national standards-based instructional resources, including on-demand video, lesson plans, classroom activities, and interactive games.

Access, Analyze, Act is designed to help high school students develop foundational knowledge of economics through problem solving, analyzing data and opinions, communicating ideas, demonstrating understanding, and acting on what they have learned in authentic ways.

The website for the collection features a welcome introduction by PBS NOW's host and senior editor, David Brancaccio, encouraging teachers to make the study of economics a personal story. He also recommends specific resources for teachers to stay informed to meet this educational challenge. The collection features eight lessons plans focused on real-world case studies on four economic topics, with introductions by Michael Mandel, chief economist for BusinessWeek. Mandel also talked to Youth Radio's Loren Silverman in an exclusive interview that explores economic and financial issues from a young person's point of view. Additional resources include a glossary of economic terms - some of which are presented in lively animations or offered in a widget - and a comprehensive listing of PBS's original content, digital media and Web resources related to the economy.

The Access, Analyze, Act resource collection is part of the Economy Collaboration project. Through a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), a collaboration of public media organizations are producing a wide range of stories and resources on the economy for public and station use. Partners in the collaboration include NPR, "The NewsHour," PBS, PRX, PRI's "The World," "Marketplace" (American Public Media), "Nightly Business Report," Youth Radio/Youth Media International (YMI), Capitol News Connection, Public Interactive (PI), WNYC, and KQED.

Access, Analyze, Act is available for free at

Source: PBS.

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