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Free Resources: PBS LearningMedia's ELECTION CENTRAL, an Online Destination Providing Educators With Curated Content to Teach Students About the Political Process

Posted Sep 19, 2016
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As part of the overarching PBS Election 2016 initiative, PBS has made available ELECTION CENTRAL, an online destination of election-related resources and content with age-appropriate, thoughtfully curated information to teach K-12 students about the political process. Created in partnership between PBS LearningMedia, the free media-on-demand service from PBS that offers more than 100,000 digital resources for classroom use, and PBS NEWSHOUR, the ELECTION CENTRAL hub is available at

Among the main features of ELECTION CENTRAL is an interactive map of the United States, providing educators with opportunities to engage students in various aspects of the political process. The map also displays important historical facts about the candidates, laws and process.

Content in ELECTION CENTRAL is refreshed on a weekly basis and/or when timely events occur, for example, after debates or after primary elections. Features include:

• Tracking the campaign trail of candidates, including current and previous candidates
• Fun facts – general and state-specific
• The history behind the vote
• An explanation of the nominating process
• Candidate views on key issues
• Election-specific news stories curated from PBS NEWSHOUR
• Build your ideal presidential candidate interactive
• Access to hundreds of related resources through PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia offers more than 100,000 digital resources aligned to national and Common Core State Standards.

Source: PBS LearningMedia,

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