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Free Resources: Online Television Journalism Curriculum for High Schools

Posted Dec 19, 2005
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The National Television Academy, the organization behind the Emmy Awards, is offering free online curriculum materials designed to educate high school students about best practices in journalism.

New lessons in the curriculum package focus on intellectual property, editorial control and plagiarism. The materials integrate journalism and the use of technology into the language arts curriculum. They also weave connections between literature and the real world of journalism and address student civic responsibilities.

The curriculum is based in part on books written by Av Westin, former executive producer of the ABC news programs "World News Tonight" and "20/20." The materials, addressing multiple national standards, are designed for use on a regular basis throughout the school year or for a single class session.

The material may be downloaded free of charge at

The Academy also sponsors the annual National Student Television Awards of Excellence, designed to recognize high school students throughout the country in News, Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, Documentary, Public Affairs/Community Service/Public Service, Sports, Technical Achievement and Writing. In addition, members of the Academy's 20 chapters are available for school presentations.

Source: National Television Academy,

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