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Free Resources: Online Archaeology Resources for K-12

Posted Oct 26, 2006
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The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) offers a variety of free online resources for K-12 educators and students, including curriculum information, lesson plans, bibliographies, and teacher workshops.

Lesson plans and activities are available for general archaeology and culture-specific projects. The Introduction to Archaeology and Excavation: Definitions, Concepts, Procedures curriculum includes: Layer Cake Archaeology, Transparent Shoebox Dig, Shoebox Dig, Designing a Schoolyard Dig, and Mystery Cemetery Project. The Culture Specific curriculum currently offers one Classical Archaeology project, Greek Black Figure/Red Figure Vase Painting.

New Classical projects coming soon include Eratosthenes Math/History Lesson, Dolls in Tunics and Teddies in Togas: Roman Clothing Project, Hosting an Inter-Disciplinary Greco-Roman Feast, and Roman Wax Tablets. An upcoming Near East project focuses on the Rosetta Stone; an upcoming Medieval World project focuses on illuminated manuscripts.

Teachers may submit lesson plans and proposals to the AIA. Lesson plan guidelines are available online.

Also offered at the AIA Web site are: Introduction to Archaeology materials including bibliographies and a glossary, a list of teacher resources and workshops, information on archaeology-related films and television programs, and an Ask the Experts e-mail feature and FAQ section.

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), 617/353-9361 or

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