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Free Resources: National Geographic Online Looks at the Global Fishing Crisis

Posted Apr 1, 2007
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This month, examines the global fishing crisis from a number of perspectives. The site helps students see the devastating affect that overfishing can have on life across the world, and offers a look at plans to improve fishing methods. Among the stories:

Fisheries Crisis - Once numbering in the millions, wild bluefin tuna are disappearing from the Mediterranean, netted by the tens of thousands for the sushi and steak markets in Japan. What can be done to stop the slaughter? Is there time to save this magnificent creature?

Newfoundland Fishing Woes - A village in Newfoundland faces a bleak reality. Once, families could make a living fishing for cod off the coast. Now, those days are long gone, and fishermen are forced to find work elsewhere. Browse through photos of the small fishing village of La Poile.

Coastal Reserves - Fish stocks are at dangerous lows as a result of high-tech harvesting and wasteful management. Explore the fish crisis, and the hope for a new relationship between man and the sea. New Zealand marine reserves are a model for the world.

National Geographic,

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