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Free Resources: National Geographic Online Looks at Lions, Caves, and Shoes

Posted Aug 25, 2006
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Travel from Botswana to New Guinea to China to the bottom of your closet on

A video look at Botswana's lions provides a glimpse of rarely-witnessed behavior in the predator-prey relationship between a pride of lions and a herd of Cape buffalo on a marshy island in Botswana's Okavango Delta.

Caving is explored on an island off Papua New Guinea as a team follows a white-water river that vanishes into a limestone cave. Underground, the explorers discover waterfalls and theater-size chambers. Online video shows turbulent rivers and waterfalls churning through tunnels and chambers formed by an upswelling of hot acidic water and drainage from heavy rains.

Watch what lies ahead for the revitalization of China's Dongbei region as the country gears up to turn its northwestern rust belt, once the centerpiece of Chairman Mao's planned economy, into the country's next engine of growth.

Have some fun with "The Joy of Shoes." Check out the article on everything from moccasins to Manolos. We spend most of our waking lives in shoes and they may teach us something about our culture, our history and ourselves. Stop by the Forum and share a favorite shoe story.

National Geographic,

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