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Free Resources: National Geographic Online Focuses on Iraq

Posted Jan 3, 2006
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In January, the online edition of National Geographic presents writer Frank Viviano's examination of the conflict in Iraq. Viviano's article focuses on the Kurds, possibly the only group powerful enough to keep Iraq from tearing itself apart.

The Web site also provides a look at the lives of the Kurds, their communities, the struggles they have endured, and the challenges ahead. An audiovisual presentation explores the Kurds' recent history. A video shows a graduating class from Iraq's largest military group, the Kurdish peshmerga, as they display their military skills to dignitaries in preparation for joining Iraq's security forces.

Additional material online explores genocide as writer and Pulitzer Prize winner Lewis Simon follows anthropologists and forensics experts going through the process of examining the dead in Iraq.

In January, National Geographic online also takes a look at the Grand Canyon and the mysteries of King Tut.

Source: National Geographic,

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