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Free Resources: National Geographic Online Features the Amazon, the Arctic, and More in January

Posted Jan 5, 2007
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The National Geographic Web site,, explores a variety of subjects--and many corners of the world--in the month of January.

The site's "Last of the Amazon" feature considers a key dilemma facing the country of Brazil: to continue to allow the widespread and profitable destruction of the rain forest or to intensify conservation efforts. The online material includes an interactive map, a photo gallery, a forum, and a poll.

"Arctic Trek" follows two veteran adventurers as they head toward the North Pole in the dark of winter, while a third traveler battles for his life off the coast of Siberia. A photo gallery vividly recreates the polar expeditions onscreen.

In "Lost Boys," John Dau talks about the journey he shared with other Sudanese "lost boys," from African refugee camps to new homes in the United States.

Additional features examine humpback whales, hummingbirds, and Slovenian treasures.

National Geographic Online,

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