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Free Resources: National Geographic News

Posted Jul 15, 2005
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Here's another free resource we found thanks to the Internet Scout Project's Scout Report, whose July 15, 2005 edition we'll quote here. (Click on the link above to read the whole July 15 issue. It's a great, eclectic resource.):

"... the National Geographic News site ... provides access to many of the day's most compelling news, including updates on the Space Shuttle launches and new archaeological discoveries. The news stories are thematically organized around such familiar topics as animals and nature, health, and th environment. The feature section titled 'Pulso of the Planet' is a nice find, along with the 'Offbeat' area, which offers a bit of lighter news coverage, such as the news of a grizzly bear-sized catfish caught in Thailand."

Being from the National Geographic Society, the news site is wide ranging, and both educator and student friendly. Click HERE to go the the site.

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