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Free Resources: More WGBH Teachers' Domain Classroom Resources

Posted Sep 5, 2008
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Teachers' Domain is expanding digital media content in science, math, language arts, social studies, and art, as well as introducing two new editions: Teachers' Domain College Edition (a subset of online resources for higher education), and VITAL on Teachers' Domain (resources for New York state educators tied to the New York State Core Curriculum). Teachers' Domain is a digital library of free media online resources for teachers, and online professional development courses created by public television station WGBH.


First launched in 2002 with a small set of resources in science, Teachers' Domain has quickly grown. Today, Teachers' Domain has over 260,000 registered users that represent about 56% of US K-12 schools, and expanded content to more than 1,500 digital media resources that support state and national education standards. Resources are available free of charge to anyone who registers for the site.


New content on Teachers' Domain includes open educational resources that give users increased access to download, share, or remix for use in the classroom. This type of accessibility makes open digital media a continued trend in education because it allows teachers to access resources at any time, and engage their students in the learning process through the use of media and technology. One example is the use of interactive white boards, a teaching tool that captivates students with the touch of a screen by using their finger as a cursor. By integrating digital media resources with this technology, teachers have everything accessible in one place, and create a two-way teaching and learning connection that engages students with their fingertip.


Teachers' Domain website content is drawn from popular PBS shows such as NOVA, Frontline, and American Experience, and includes video and audio segments, background essays, lesson plans, discussion questions, and activities for the classroom. Resources supplement a teacher's lesson plan while addressing topics that are hard to teach.


Teachers' Domain digital media resources for the classroom and new editions are now available at Teachers' Domain is a Pathways Project of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

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