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Free Resources: Lesson Plans--Human Population

Posted Jul 30, 2009
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A recent post on Gary Price's Resource Shelf tipped us off to this website and collection of Human Population lesson plans from the Washington, DC-based Population Reference Bureau. From the Bureau's site, check out these examples:

Grade level: middle to high school
Time required: one week
Subjects: social studies, geography, and world history

Population Growth

  • Q&A: Has the world's population changed much over time? 
  • Teacher's Guide

Future Growth

  • Q&A: When could world population stop growing?
  • Teacher's Guide


  • Q&A: How densely populated is the planet? 
  • Teacher's Guide


  • Q&A: Why does it take so long to slow or stop population growth? 
  • Teacher's Guide

There are lots more. Check them out HERE.

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