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Free Resources: ISTE Releases Digital Equity Report

Posted Jun 20, 2007
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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released an examination of issues related to digital equity in education including equal access to technology, resources and services.

The report, “A National Consideration of Digital Equity,” was prepared by ISTE in collaboration with Macro International.

The survey presents an overview of the Digital Equity Summit held in 2006 at ISTE’s National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). In addition, the report recommends five strategies to help make progress toward digital equity:

-Legitimize the significant role culture plays in students' educational experience.
- Continue to challenge perceptions about the role of technology in education.
- Encourage others to recognize the critical link between technology, professional development and classroom practice.
- Create opportunities for students to access technology outside the classroom.
- Continue to seek funding for technology in spite of challenges.

The report is available online at

ISTE, 800/336-5191 or


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