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Free Resources: Guide from Boxlight to Help Educators Select and Launch 'Best-Fit' Technology Tools

Posted Jun 16, 2016
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According to market research company Technavio, spending on educational technology is expected to reach $55B by 2019. But to earn a full return on this investment, educators need clear goals, a solid plan, and an efficient process for purchasing and effectively launching the right technology tools. To help schools and districts make technology initiatives a success, Boxlight has published a new guide, Launch Tech in Your Schools Successfully, which can be downloaded at no charge from

The 30-page PDF covers the following topics:

· How to set technology goals and make purchasing decisions

· How to set up a tech committee to evaluate needs and resources

· How input from inside and outside sources can aid purchasing decisions

· How to run a successful pilot program

· How educators make their educational technology vendor their partner

· The five most common challenges of launching new technology

· How to make sure the technology gets used

As readers progress through the PDF, they will find embedded links to resources that can help them achieve the goals described. For example, a recommendation to provide staff with a technology needs assessment contains a link to a National Center for Technology Planning survey questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to capture personnel’s perceptions of technology needs, with respect to their specific responsibilities and working situations.

Four contributors wrote Launch Tech in Your Schools Successfully:

· Lynn Reedy, 2006 Mississippi Technology Educator of the Year and currently an educational technology specialist for Stafford Public Schools in Connecticut.

· Kevin Ryan, the director of educational technology and 21st century learning at Kildeer Countryside School District 96 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

· Christopher Leonardo, the director of research and development at Boxlight.

· Travis Rink, an assistant high school principal who also manages Boxlight’s global training as the educator advocacy leader.

 Source: Boxlight,

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