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Free Resources: EASE History, a U.S. History Project from Michigan State

Posted May 6, 2005
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An intriguing e-mail from a former social studies teacher who is now a doctoral candidate in learning, technology, and culture at Michigan State University led us to check out the EASE History site and project. In the e-mail, the sender stated simply that "a group of us have created a new Website [that] features over 600 videos and photographs from 1900 to the present," and that "EASE History is a rich learning environment that supports the learning of U.S. history … by connecting historical events, campaign ads, and core democratic values."

Well, the Website that this group has created is indeed rich with content—video footage of U.S. presidential campaign ads stretching back over more than 50 years alone make a visit worthwhile. The interface they've created for educators and students to access all this material is interesting as well:

EASE History has three entry points: Historical Events, Campaign Ads, and Core Values. Learn about US History through the prism of US presidential campaign ads, better understand the complexities of campaign issues and their historical context by looking at historical events, and explore the meanings of core values by examining how these values have been applied in both historical events and campaign ads. Three learning modes, single and multiple theme searches, and resources support the comparing and contrasting of historical cases. EASE History's goal is to … help learners think more like historians.

Definitely worth a look. Check it out at

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