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Free Resources: Discovery Education, The Faith & Politics Institute, and Freddie Mac Bring Civil Rights Curriculum to Schools

Posted Nov 9, 2005
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Fifty years ago, Rosa Parks launched the Civil Rights Movement by refusing to comply with an unjust law. To celebrate this and other pivotal moments and the individuals who made the dream of equal rights for everyone a reality, The Faith & Politics Institute, Freddie Mac, and Discovery Education have developed Freedom on the Move, Continuing the March toward a More Perfect Union. This cross-curricular program, designed to educate middle school students about the historic lessons and living spirit of the Civil Rights Movement and to inspire them to apply these lessons to their own lives and communities, is being provided for free to all U.S. middle and junior high schools.

Freedom on the Move, Continuing the March toward a More Perfect Union, is a multimedia learning kit that includes:

Teacher's Guide - Four cross-curricular lessons focusing on the past, present, and future of civil rights; assessments; background information and suggestions for getting started; and relevant Web sites and resource lists.

Student Magazine - Interviews, articles, and images that evoke the voices of young people from different parts of the world who have first-hand experience with the struggle for equal civil rights, and those who have since retraced their steps.

Classroom Poster - Inspirational poster that spotlights young people who have made a difference.

DVD - Two educational films—Civil Rights: The Long Road to Equality, and Join Us on the Journey: An Introduction to the Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage. The DVD also contains preview segments and ordering information for two additional films—Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks, and Mighty Times: The Children's March—available to educators for free from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Freedom on the Move, Continuing the March toward a More Perfect Union mails to all U.S. middle and junior high schools in November 2005 and parents, educators, and administrators across the country are encouraged to engage with this curriculum in order to teach every child in America about this important piece of our nation's history.

Source: Discovery Education,

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