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Free Resources: Curriculum Associates’ Professional Development Course on Test Preparation Strategies

Posted May 31, 2005
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Curriculum Associates is offering teachers free online training on effective test preparation via an online course available at

Entitled "Test Preparation Strategies," the three-lesson course discloses findings on factors that affect test performance and shows teachers ways to create a positive, anxiety-free attitude toward test taking, according to the announcement. Teachers can learn general strategies to share with their students, as well as content-specific test-preparation strategies for mathematics, reading, language arts, social studies, and science. The course is led by educational consultant and author Dr. Robert G. Forest. Forest is a former teacher, administrator, and VP/Publishing for Curriculum Associates. Examples and insights are provided by teachers in the Aldine Independent School District in Aldine, Texas, and also Dermott School District in Dermott, Arkansas.

The lessons include text and audio instruction, downloadable examples and handouts, reading assignments and also lesson reviews with which educators can assess their learning progress. Curriculum Associates has also included sample questions and illustrations from its "TEST READY" series.

"Test Preparation Strategies" is the third in a series of free courses being developed and offered by Curriculum Associates. The Topics in Education series is developed by specialists in the field of education and includes courses on "Differentiated Instruction" and "Classroom Discipline." Coming soon is "Motivating Students to Learn."

Source: Curriculum Associates,

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