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Free Resources: Curriculum Associates Offers Online Training in Curriculum Integration

Posted Jan 6, 2006
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Curriculum Associates has announced it is offering teachers free online training on how to link their different subject areas together in order to more effectively meet objectives required by state and national standards. Developed and led by Sylvia Lewis, educational consultant and former school administrator, the "Integrating the Curriculum: Teaching for Student Success" course can be accessed at

The new e-training course consists of two lessons. The first discusses key principles of curriculum integration as well as findings regarding the approach's benefits. The second provides guidelines for getting started and shows how implementing an integrated curriculum can resolve time management challenges and facilitate lesson alignment with federal, state, and local standards. The lessons include text and audio instruction, downloadable handouts and reading assignments, and also lesson reviews.

The course draws on Lewis' experience as a middle school consultant for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and a state consultant for gifted education. It also includes the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's report that students in an integrated classroom "develop a love of learning and become lifelong learners, find relevance in, and connections with, what they are learning, and develop new and necessary skills and abilities to be successful in school and life." In addition, the study found that students who receive an integrated approach to learning are also successful on standardized tests and similar assessments.

"Integrated Curriculum" is the fifth in a series of free courses being developed and offered by Curriculum Associates. Other offerings include courses on "Differentiated Instruction," "Motivating Students To Learn," "Test Preparation Strategies," and "Classroom Discipline."

Source: Curriculum Associates, Inc.,

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