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Free Resources: Bringing Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom, from the Alliance for a Media Literate America

Posted Sep 7, 2005
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We just heard through an LM_NET posting about "Bringing Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom: Media Literacy Lessons," from the Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA), and it already looks good even as it's being further developed.

Here's information from the top of the Web site:

For educators who want to help students analyze, understand, and cope with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the AMLA offers this basic set of media literacy activities and suggestions.

Please visit again after the new site is launched on September 15th. In addition to lots of new features, we will post a bulletin board where you can post your own experiences and strategies for using media literacy to teach about Hurricane Katrina.

Contents currently include links to the following headings:
* Why Bring Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom?
* Media Literacy Teaching Tips
*Quick Links to Resources
… as well as to the following lessons and activities:
* Basic Analysis
* Making Comparison
* Editorial Decision Making
* Looking at Language
* The Practice of Journalism
* Taking Action

Link to the AMLA's Hurricane Katrina resources HERE.

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