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Free Resources: Brainy Kids

Posted Feb 17, 2006
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Brainy Kids <> is a comprehensive Web site offering children, parents, and teachers selected science-related links to games, labs, science fair ideas, educational resources, and lesson plans. The links are reviewed regularly by the staff of The Dana Foundation, a private philanthropic organization with particular interests in neuroscience, immunology, and arts education, and producer of the site.

Additionally, The Dana Foundation's site includes many additional resources, including:

* "Sourcebooks" for secondary school teachers and students—one on the brain and one on immunology:


* Books from the Dana Press: two recent books whose authors are also excellent resources:

A Well-Tempered Mind: Using Music to Help Children Listen and Learn
A Good Start in Life: Understanding Your Child's Brain and Behavior from Birth to Age 6:

* Arts education books: The Dana Press will soon be publishing a new arts education book that will be available free to arts organizations, schools, and the general public. Two previous arts education books:

Planning an Arts-Centered School:
Acts of Achievement:

* A free newsletter, Arts Education in the News, features reprints of several key articles on arts education, from North American newspapers:

* "Gray Matters" radio programs: Audiocasts and podcasts of the radio programs produced by the Dana Foundation: and

Source: The Dana Foundation,

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