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Free Resources: Access 330,000 E-books at The World eBook Fair

Posted May 22, 2006
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Here's another free resource we got through a tip from Gary Price's ResourceShelf:

The World eBook Library and Project Gutenberg are "giving away" e-books at the World eBook Fair this July.

From the World eBook Fair site:

Before Johannes Gutenberg the average person had zero books; before Project Gutenberg the average person had zero libraries.
After Johannes Gutenberg the average person had one book; after Project Gutenberg the average person had one library.
Today, by combining the efforts of Project Gutenberg and World eBook Library everyone can own 1/3 of a million books.


July 4th to August 4, 2006 marks a month long celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first step taken towards today's eBooks. 35 years ago the United States Declaration of Independence was a first example of hundreds of thousands of eBooks downloadable on the Internet today in a variety of languages totalling over 100.

The World eBook Fair welcomes you to absolutely free access to a variety of eBook unparalleled by any other source. 1/3 million eBooks await you, all free of charge for the month of July.

Find out the details HERE.

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