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Free Resources: ABC-CLIO's Online Presidential Election Classroom Resources

Posted Aug 29, 2008
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ABC-CLIO offers a new free online History & the Headlines resource, "Presidential Elections: In History & Today." The material includes historical background on elections paired with classroom activities and ideas for research projects.

The site helps students explore a variety of topics, including how and why voting rights have expanded since the 1787 Constitutional Convention, how one significant event can change a candidate’s future (using an excerpt from the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate), the background of the 2008 presidential and vice presidential candidates (using the site’s in-depth biographies), and the role of the media in the election.

The material is designed to support election study across the curriculum with more than 25 project ideas, each with a set of related references, primary sources, and more. To keep track of the constantly changing events in Campaign 2008, educators can sign up to receive email updates to support classroom discussions and assignments.

The material will be available online through Election Day, Nov. 4, at


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