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Free Resources: ABC-CLIO's “Chronicling Despair and Hope in Darfur”

Posted Dec 4, 2007
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ABC-CLIO expands its free online resources with “History and Headlines: Chronicling Despair and Hope in Darfur.”

This special “Reel to Real” feature was developed to support discussions of the recently-released documentary “Darfur Now” directed by Ted Braun and narrated by actor Don Cheadle. The documentary chronicles the efforts of six individuals to find a resolution to the conflict that has plagued the western region of Sudan for nearly five years.

ABC-CLIO’s “Reel to Real” editions provide instructional resources that serve as jumping off points for teachers to lead students into a guided inquiry of events, conditions, and people covered in newly released films.

The Introduction section of “Chronicling Despair and Hope in Darfur” provides an overview of the conflict in Darfur and the debate over international intervention in Sudan. The “Need to Know” section provides access to ABC-CLIO reference materials, documents, timelines, map images, and video clips that help students to understand the events, people, places, and issues involved in this humanitarian crisis.

The site’s “Examine” section contains two essays designed to help students develop critical thinking skills and evaluate the issues in the Sudan from multiple perspectives. In the essay “Is the Crisis in Darfur Genocide?,” historian Robert O. Collins, Ph.D. examines the definition of genocide in contrast to the two most famous acts of genocide in world history—the Nazi Holocaust against Jews during World War II and the slaughter of the Tutsi by the Hutu of Rwanda in May 1994. The essay “Is Intervention in Darfur Necessary?” by Paulos Milkias, Ph.D. explores the issue of intervention.

The free collection “History and Headlines: Chronicling Despair and Hope in Darfur” will be available online until Feb. 1, 2008. The url is  


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