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Free Resources: ABC-CLIO Solutions Opens Digital Resource Collections In April

Posted Mar 31, 2015
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ABC-CLIO Solutions is providing complimentary access to its 15 online databases in April to celebrate School Library Month. All resources will be open to the public through April 30, 2015.

Students and educators will have full access to ABC-CLIO’s collection of online textbooks and databases that can be used for instruction on subjects, such as social studies, the language arts, and science. The digital resources offer more than 1 million primary sources and images, providing a guide for students as they explore key historical moments and develop critical thinking skills through primary source analysis, persuasive writing, and argumentation. Through online multimedia content, ABC-CLIO Solutions also helps facilitate flipped and blended learning environments and differentiated instruction through many customizable instruction activities for students and teachers.

April is also designated as Genocide Awareness & Prevention Month, and educators and students will have access to Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences. This award-winning online textbook serves as a full, rich, and comprehensive resource vetted by a group of well-known, prominent individuals who make up its advisory board to ensure definitive expertise on the sensitive and complex subject of genocide. Users have complimentary access to in-depth coverage of the 10 most significant genocides in modern history and features to help guide students and teachers through this sensitive topic. The database fosters reflective discussions and assignments while meeting the academic curriculum and standards of many history and social studies courses.

To date, New Hampshire, Minnesota, California, and Texas have passed legislation to dedicate April for genocide awareness in order to educate the public and prevent future atrocities.

For more information about ABC-CLIO and its digital resources, visit

Source: ABC-CLIO,

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