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Free Resources: 7 Things You Should Know About …

Posted Oct 22, 2007
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Here's one thing you should definitely know about from EDUCAUSE (We learned about it from ResourceShelf):

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About… series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. Each brief focuses on a single technology or [practice and describes:

·        What it is
·        How it works
·        Where it is going
·        Why it matters to teaching and learning

Use ELI's 7 things You Should Know About … briefs to:

·        Enhance faculty development activities
·        Open a dialogue with senior administrators about emerging technologies and their implications for you institution
·        Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies

The above is from EDUCAUSE's ELI Web site. It's well worth a visit and a bookmark. Just a few of the subjects/technologies/phenomena covered are Twitter, Wikipedia, RSS, Facebook II, and Google Earth. Click HERE to go ELI's 7 things You Should Know About ….

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