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Free Resources: @rt Room

Posted Mar 30, 2006
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Did you or your students try Artopia a few weeks back when we posted it as a Free Resource? It runs the gamut of artistic endeavors from painting to music, sculpture, theater, dance, and more. Now here's another art activities resource, @rt Room, which is more exclusively focused on visual media. This one was pointed out to us by Marylaine Block through her Neat New Stuff site and e-mail alert.

From the @rt Room Web site, "About Us":

The artist Mark Rothko once said, "Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risks." It is in this spirit that the @rt Room was created.
Like art rooms in schools everywhere, this virtual art room is meant to be a "special" place. Within its "walls," kids are offered opportunities to create, to discover, to imagine, to invent, to learn, and to make their thoughts become things. In short, the @rt room is a place for kids to explore their inner and outer worlds.
The @rt room is designed around the idea of "activity" centers that encourage kids to create, to learn and to explore new ideas, places and things on their own.

It's full of games and activities, creative-thinking starters (@rt Sparkers), lots of links, and more. It's fun!! Or, as they'd probably say on the @rt Room site, @wesome.

Get there from HERE.  

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