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Cool Links: Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google

Posted Sep 27, 2010
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This Cool Links story points you to an article in Forbes from a while back that just came to our attention, on the need for quality school libraries/media centers.  It's entitled "Young Learners Need Librarians, Not Just Google," and it's about, well  ...  :-)     From the article:

A year ago The New York Times presented a multimedia, packaged gift to school librarians everywhere. With its profile of Brooklyn, N.Y., school librarian Stephanie Rosalia, at long last, a major newspaper had chronicled the 21st century school librarian's role as Web curator and information literacy specialist.

The article made the Times' "most e-mailed" list for days and was featured on more than 100 blogs, as educators and parents everywhere recognized the need for media specialists to guide students. In a School Library Journal article that deemed Rosalia "The New Poster Girl for School Libraries," Rosalia said she was "awestruck at how this article has struck a nerve all over the country with people who are not librarians." Yet she was also surprised by a school board director who was "absolutely clueless" about how important school librarians are to student success.

Cut to the present, and librarian blogs tell a different story. Many absolutely clueless administrators still believe that a search engine is an adequate substitute for a trained research teacher. ...

Not surprisingly, since the article was published in Forbes, its author is a business person rather than an educator, and is speaking to the business community, but with a message educators and parents would like as well. Of course, in your case, he's preaching to the choir. Good ammo for the school board, unless they're also already in the choir.

Find the full article HERE at

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