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Cool Links: “Why Should Principals Support School Libraries?” @

Posted May 9, 2005
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"Why Should Principals Support School Libraries?" is not a new article, but Gary Hartzell—professor, former school administrator, and consistent and persistent supporter of school libraries and librarians—has written what continues to be a worthwhile read, both for LMSs and their principals. Pass the word, and the article link: Click HERE to read it.

But there's more to this Cool Link: Hartzell's article is hosted on, which, if you're not familiar with it, you should get to know. Why? Here's from their site:

The ERIC Clearinghouse system was eliminated in 2003. ERIC was massively reorganized and most of the content at the former ERIC sites (including the ERIC Digests) found new homes. This site is striving to make it easy to find ERIC Digests that have been produced prior to the end of the former ERIC system. The federal government no longer maintains the ERIC Digests separately and has mixed them into the ERIC database as hard to use PDF files which are not found by the major search engines.

and also:

ERIC Digests are … short reports (1,000-1,500 words) on topic of prime current interest in education. There are a large variety of topics covered including teaching, learning, libraries … and many more.

So after you skim the Hartzell article, try to find time to explore At least follow the "libraries" link above to see a list of the other great library-related articles archived there.

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