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Cool Links: Teaching to the Common Core Standards

Posted Aug 18, 2011
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Seen on Victor Rivero's A great article/posting by Greg Limperis-Teaching to the Common Core Standards. He writes:

... My new role as the Supervisor of Instructional Technology within my district will have me walking through classrooms twice a week in order to see how teachers are teaching within our district and to give feedback on ways that we are using 21st-century skills well and ways we are aligning our teaching to the Common Core Standards. Part of what we have been asked to do is to ensure that teacher lesson books have lesson plans in them that align to these standards. As I have always done, I have begun to ask myself: how we can make this job easier for our teachers?

Knowing that my Android will be my lifeblood as I do these walkthroughs, I decided to look up some resources to help me make sure that I have a better grasp of all of the Common Core Standards for all grade levels-as I move through various grade level classrooms this year throughout the district. ...

Check out all those resources by reading the rest of Greg's article HERE at

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