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Cool Links: Taking a Close Look at Smarthistory

Posted Jan 3, 2011
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Here's a Cool Link to information and insight on a terrific Free Resource: Smarthistory. The link below takes you to an interview Victor Rivero-who writes Internet@Schools' Tools for Learning features-did recently with the creators of Smarthistory, which is, in their words ...

... a free, creative-commons licensed, multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement or substitute for the traditional art history textbook ... [using] conversation instead of the impersonal voice of the typical textbook in order to reveal disagreement, emotion, and the immediate experience of looking.

Arts education of all stripes is on the chopping block in too many educational institutions and districts these days, so a resource like this, offering tools for understanding visual culture, is one valuable commodity. It's free; its creators are committed to the Open Education movement.

See Victor's interview with Smarthistory creators Beth Harris and Steven Zucker on his edtechdigest blog right HERE.

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