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Cool Links: ResourceShelf Comments on “Wikipedia Users—A New Report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project”

Posted Apr 25, 2007
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In the April 25, 2007, ResourceShelf listings, there's a link to the new Pew Internet and American Life Project report on Wikipedia users that's worth following. But wait, there's more! After delivering this tidbit from the Pew report:

More than a third of American adult internet users (36%) consult the Citizen-generated online encyclopedia Wikipedia, according to a new nationwide survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. And on a typical day in the winter of 2007, 8% of online Americans consulted Wikipedia.

… the ResourceShelf editors have created a thoughtful article under the moniker "A Few Quick Reactions to the Report." It's mostly in the form of questions followed by interesting, informed remarks. For example:

  • Do people only utilize Wikipedia because they don't know that other resources exist …
  • Do some users realize that new projects, like Citizendium, exist …
  • Do users understand … that some [Wikipedia] entries, legitimate ones from our perspective, require people they are about to jump through hoops to get an entry approved, while others don't? …

You can find the link to the Pew report and the full ResourceShelf article of further insights and musings HERE at ResourceShelf.

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