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Cool Links: Partnership for a Nation of Learners

Posted Jan 23, 2006
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This may seem funny, but it's also quite serious. It's from "As the Partnership Turns" … Current Episode, on the Partnership for a Nation of Learners Web site < >:

Principal Alia Escuela has an idea ... a grand idea. One that could benefit not only her students, but quite possibly the whole town as well. Now if she can just get that Smoky Hollow Public Broadcasting producer and Train Museum curator to share her excitement. Crossing her fingers, she tucks the PNL grant application into her briefcase, and heads for the door...

We suggest you follow this Cool Link to the Web site of the Partnership for a Nation of Learners, an initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The site targets museums, libraries, and public broadcasting stations, aiming to help them "work together to address local needs, increase civic engagement, and improve the quality of life" in their communities. More, directly from the site [with an annotation from us at MMIS]:

On this site you will find resources that will help you to partner effectively with each other and with other organizations in your area [That would include schools! and school libraries!!] - case studies, exercises, tools - as well as information about training events and sources of project funding.

It's a treasure trove of interesting, education-oriented resources and opportunities for collaboration that we think could spark some great activities involving you, your program, and your students. And, they say, it's only just beginning … that lots more is coming.

Definitely worth exploring HERE.

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