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Cool Links: New Features on Google Books

Posted Jun 18, 2009
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The postings on the Inside Google Book Search blog, usually by folks from the Google Books Online team, are thoughtful, sometimes provocative, often featuring multiple media, and, of course, full of news about new features brought online at Google Books. They're very busy folks, so it's worth keeping up with them. Recently, in a June 18, 2009, post called, succinctly, "New Features on Google Books," they mention and explain "Embeds and links," "Better search within each book," "Page turn button and animation," and more. And the previous post, "Books Are Full of Visual Gems: Outer Space Edition," dated June 9, 2009, begins:

It may come as no surprise to the book nerds out there (you know who you are), but the annals of written history are full of visual gems.

When you come across something amazing in a public domain title scanned via our library project, you can simply snag the chunk of text or image using our Share this Clip feature in Google Books. Then, simply take the HTML and copy and paste it in to your site or blog to add it (or choose the option to send it to Blogger)...

It's a good blog, and a cool link. Click HERE to link to the Inside Google Book Search blog.

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