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Cool Links: Guiding the Gifted to Honest Work

Posted Oct 9, 2008
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Plagiarism remains a big, and growing, concern in school settings, as we all know. Teaching ethical use of information in the age of the cut-and-paste research database that is the World Wide Web is a challenge. We think the article "Guiding the Gifted to Honest Work," which appears in the Duke Gifted Letter, captures a lot of the causes of plagiarism, and, more important, logically presents a number of very sensible strategies for preventing it. From the article:

One of the most important ways to combat academic dishonesty is to avoid assignments that lack critical thinking and inquiring learning. Library "reports" ostensibly are assigned to afford students practice doing research … or building knowledge, but they fail in all of these objectives …


If the task is superficial, gifted students respond sensibly; they do little thinking, expend the least effort possible, and take short-cuts like cut-and-paste plagiarism with the aim of getting the assignment done rather than investigating an idea or subject…


Two subheads in the article should also pull you in: The School Librarian as Partner, and Strategies that Foster Academic Honesty.


While the article discusses gifted students, by the way, it’s topical and relevant to all students, especially at the secondary level.

Click HERE to read "Guiding the Gifted to Honest Work."

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