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Cool Links: 'Google Generation' is a myth, says new research

Posted Jan 16, 2008
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From our friends at ResourceShelf comes a description and pointers to a British Library/JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) report, "Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future." From the ResourceShelf (and JISC) posting:

A new report, commissioned by JISC and the British Library, counters the common assumption that the ‘Google Generation’ – young people born or brought up in the Internet age – is the most adept at using the web. The report by the CIBER research team at University College London claims that, although young people demonstrate an ease and familiarity with computers, they rely on the most basic search tools and do not possess the critical and analytical skills to asses the information that they find on the web.

Further, this commentary from ResourceShelf: "This report shows the many roles the info professional can and needs to play in an age when many think all answers are only one-click away. Btw, Google is a name grabber but this paper is more about online and web info in general."

Click HERE to link to the full ResourceShelf posting with links to JISC and the actual report.

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