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Cool Links: Gaming for Librarians—An Introduction

Posted Jun 17, 2005
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We've been following in background mode the subject of "gaming"—no, not gambling, but more like online collaborative and/or role-playing games—and what it may mean for current and upcoming generations of learners and researchers, and we recommend that you keep an eye on the field as well.

That's why a reference on Gary Price's ResourceShelf recently caught our eye. He points his subscribers to an article entitled Gaming for Librarians—An Introduction, by Heather Wilson, a secondary-school-level instructional librarian. In it, she touches on her rationale for promoting gaming: "Recently I … heard people lament the fact that teens are playing video games and not reading. They are missing the point. Gaming often requires reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Through gaming, teens are learning in a way that is unfamiliar to most librarians."

The article is worth the read. Two sections, Why Have Games in the Library? and Bringing Games into the Library, cut to the chase, and the resources section is very useful.

Note that Heather Wilson has a Web site,, that "addresses librarians with information on gaming for teens in libraries and reviews of specific role-playing game titles," but we were unable to access her site on the day we posted this Cool Link.

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