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Cool Links: Presents Monster Vote 2008

Posted Oct 24, 2008
Bookmark and Share is hosting Monster Vote 2008, an exercise designed to help students understand the election process and a contest offering one lucky class a chance to win a set of Monsters books from KidHaven Press.

In the Monster Vote election, Frankenstein, Godzilla, and Mermaid are vying for the vote as Top Monster. The election campaign includes an exclusive debate and an opportunity to vote. Free Monster campaign materials are available on the Monster Vote 2008 Web site at

Teachers can poll their classes and cast a vote online at One vote per class; the voting mailbox is open through Nov. 15, 2008. Teachers should include their name, email address, school name, address, and phone number.

The election results will appear in the December issues of Gale’s It’s Galementary and CurricuLinks! e-newsletters.

Gale/Cengage Learning, or

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