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Cool Links: Ebooks and School Libraries

Posted Jan 16, 2012
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From ALA's American Libraries magazine, a great article on ebooks and school libraries. Part of the first two paragraphs should get you into it:

In their efforts to implement ebooks, school libraries face a set of challenges that differ from those confronting their public and academic counterparts. In addition to the struggle they share with other types of libraries to offer current bestselling fiction ebooks, school libraries are also working to secure backlist fiction, curriculum-focused nonfiction, and multiple copies of books for group use. At the same time, however, they are fortunate to have a strong working relationship with many different publishers and vendors that work within the K-12 market.

To better explore these challenges and advantages, it helps to consider a few different school library ebook-use scenarios. ...

Click HERE to link to the entire article, "Ebooks and School Libraries." 

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