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Cool Links: Clive Thomson on Why Kids Can’t Search

Posted Apr 10, 2012
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From Wired, a while back but, boy, still current!: Clive Thompson on Why Kids Cant' Search. Here are some teasers to get you to read the brief article.

First paragraph:

We're often told that young people tend to be the most tech-savvy among us. But just how savvy are they? A group of researchers led by College of Charleston business professor Bing Pan tried to find out. Specifically, Pan wanted to know how skillful young folks are at online search. His team gathered a group of college students and asked them to look up the answers to a handful of questions. Perhaps not surprisingly, the students generally relied on the web pages at the top of Google's results list.

And then:

But Pan pulled a trick: He changed the order of the results for some students. More often than not, those kids went for the bait and also used the (falsely) top-ranked pages.

And one more tidbit:

Who's to blame? Not the students. If they're naive at Googling, it's because the ability to judge information is almost never taught in school.

Interested? Riled up? Read the entire article HERE at Wired magazine online.

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