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Cool Links: Ask Jeeves Unleashes More Smart Answers

Posted Aug 25, 2005
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We've mentioned both Gary Price and his ResourceShelf as well as Danny Sullivan and his SearchEngineWatch here before, and we will again as they're great resources. This Cool Link has ties to both:

Gary has written an article posted to the SearchEngineWatch blog entitled "Ask Jeeves Unleashes More Smart Answers." In a posting to LM_NET, Gary says, "One search company that has completely turned its itself around is Ask Jeeves. Their biggest challenge is trying to get people to realize that the Ask Jeeves of 2005 is NOT the same POOR (ok, bad) service that was around in 1998 or 1999. In this story I discuss new additions to their wonderful Smart Answers program and provide a bit of background about its history"

Here's the link to Gary Price's story:

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