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Cool Links: Another Lee Rainie/Pew Internet & American Life Project Presentation—Teens and Technology

Posted Apr 27, 2006
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Lee Rainie and the Pew Internet & American Life Project continue to research and report at what seems like breakneck speed, with an awful lot to say that's of interest to the library community. Rainie was at Information Today, Inc.'s Computers in Libraries conference on March 24 in Washington, DC, speaking on The Internet: Enhancing Digital Work & Play. (You can view his presentation slides by visiting the CIL "conference links" page HERE; scroll down to Friday's Keynote.)

And, get this: only the day before, March 23, he was in Boston, addressing Public Library Association conference attendees on the subject of Teens and Technology. A transcript of that talk is available in pdf form from the Pew Project's Web site, where they describe it as follows:

This is a discussion of the eight realities of technology and social experience that are shaping the world of today's teens and twenty-somethings. It looks at the growing role of technology in teens' lives, the way they use their gadgets, their expectations about how to find and use information, and the social consequences of their use of technology.

As always, Rainie is prescient and fascinating. Click HERE to link to the Pew page that lets you view the speech.

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