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Cool Links: About Google's Launch of Connected Classrooms

Posted Nov 4, 2013
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Google has passed the word EVERYWHERE that it just launched Connected Classrooms, “a program to connect K-12 teachers with the resources to provide virtual field trips and exchanges through Google+."

More from Google's note to us at Internet@Schools:

Connected Classrooms provides teachers with:

• A single library of educational Hangouts* so busy teachers can explore a calendar of past and upcoming virtual field trips happening on Google+ and watch them with their classroom

• A Google+ Community to bring educators together to collaborate on virtual field trips and share best practices for implementing digital tools in the classroom.

• Regular training sessions to learn how to get the most out of Google+ from Google Certified Teachers and the Google+ team

*Hangouts On Air allow you to have a video conversation with up to 10 participants and broadcast that conversation publicly for people to watch live via Google+ and YouTube.  

HERE's a link to what Google said, and showed via video.

Within hours, tech news and ed tech news outlets posted first impressions, which you can skim via a Google search (then wait a bit for further, deeper covereage, here and elsewhere!).

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