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netTrekker Includes Teachers’ Domain

Posted Nov 13, 2006
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netTrekker now includes access to Teachers' Domain, the result of a partnership between Thinkronize, the developer of the netTrekker educational search products, and WGBH Educational Foundation, the producer of Teachers' Domain.

A digital library of nearly 1,000 multimedia resources for classroom use and independent study, Teachers' Domain includes award-winning public television programming produced by WGBH. This library offers access to classroom-ready video clips and interactive activities from programs such as NOVA, ZOOM, and A Science Odyssey. Teachers' Domain also includes multimedia resources from NASA, the National Park Service, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Smithsonian Institution, and other sources.

These materials, related to science curriculums, have been adapted for use in the classroom. Teachers will find correlations to state and national education standards, lesson plans, discussion questions, background essays created to increase teachers' content knowledge, and customization features developed to help introduce the multimedia into lessons.

netTrekker offers a database of more than 180,000 safe, educator-approved, standards-aligned resources. The netTrekker product line includes the netTrekker classic and netTrekker d.i. search products for education.

Thinkronize, 877/517-1125 or and

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