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myON Launches Redesigned myON Version 3.0

Posted Aug 10, 2015
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myON, a business unit of Capstone, has announced a redesign of its personalized literacy environment for PreK-12. Dedicated to providing learners and educators with innovative literacy resources, myON engaged administrators, teachers, library-media specialists and students throughout the development process to ensure their feedback was incorporated within the new design and features.

myON 3.0 includes new student and educator interfaces, advancements in content recommendations based upon individual student interests and Lexile reading level, gamification, and improved enhancements to the state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting functions. All schools and district currently using myON will gain access to these new tools at no cost.

The addition of the new writing tool further enhances the myON Literacy Toolkit, introduced in 2014, that includes a suite of close/active reading tools. Using the new writing tools, educators can create assignments – complete with their own writing checklists – that direct students to write essays integrating their reading journal entries, graphic organizers and myON’s embedded dictionary, within the myON platform.

These enhancements to the myON environment are launching as the myON collection, consisting of more than 10,000 enhanced digital titles from Capstone and over 60 publishing partners, continues to grow on a regular, monthly basis. The collection is composed of 70% non-fiction and informational text, 30% fiction, with 10% of the overall collection composed of dual-language text.

Originally launched in 2011, myON has earned national industry recognition for its disruptive and innovative approach to providing students with 24/7 online and offline access to a complete library of “just right” books, which match their individual interests and reading levels, the announcement states.

Source: myON,

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