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iLearn Express Unveils 99-Cent Downloadable Interactive Learning Activities

Posted Feb 16, 2007
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iLearn Express, a provider of downloadable learning activities, has announced the launch of a new service that enables parents and teachers to search for and purchase activities that meet the specific learning needs of their children in K-5 math and spelling. Each activity available through iLearn Express is downloaded to the local computer at a cost of only 99 cents or less.

iLearn Express activities provide immediate, targeted help to elementary school children to help them master learning skills without going on the Internet. Every activity has been created by a current or former educator and is designed to quickly reinforce a specific learning objective in an engaging. Activities can be replayed countless times, making iLearn Express a cost-effective manner educational experience, according to the announcement.

iLearn Express provides math activities that focus on specific topics and skills for grades K-5.  To find the most appropriate activities for their children, parents and teachers use the pull-down search buttons. Each activity can be previewed so adults
can be sure of purchasing those activities that meet their children's needs and learning styles.  For spelling activities, iLearn Express allows adults to select their children's textbook and chapter so they can download activities that focus on the specific words that their children are studying that week.  Parents can even purchase an entire school year's worth of spelling activities, at a cost considerably less than 99 cents per activity.

Source: iLearn Express ,

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