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ePals and Privacy Networks Partner to Bring Legally Compliant Email Archive Solutions to K-12 Marketplace

Posted Dec 31, 2008
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Privacy Networks, a unified messaging archive company, has teamed up with ePals to provide an easy to use, affordable, and legally compliant archive solution to address the problem of public records requests and litigation threats regarding email use, according to its announcement. Privacy Networks' PrivacyVault email archive is fully compatible with ePals SchoolMail, providing schools with an auditable archive of all inbound, outbound, and internal communication content.

Privacy Networks, in concert with ePals, has made fully compliant email archiving a reality for districts that are in need of a system for search, retrieval, and retention of email content. As customers continue to manage the complexities around message content driven by the increasing dependence on email, instant messaging, and voicemail, Privacy Networks' solution is simple to implement and manage, according to the announcement. The ability to have a single point of control for all archiving messaging content can save districts money and conserve resources.

Much of a district's critical information is contained within their email inboxes. With the implementation of the PrivacyVault, a district will be able to respond to the numerous open records requests through one simple search, rather than retrieving data through time consuming back-up tapes. In addition, teachers will be able to find important documents in their email, resulting in increased operational efficiency and more time dedicated to teaching.

PrivacyVault is an email archiving solution that provides users with a search engine for all their email and other electronic messages. Searches can be performed for a single PrivacyVault user retrieving their email or an administrator searching across an entire organization's email. All email can be set to a retention period that adheres to district policy.

Source: Privacy Networks, Inc.,; ePals, Inc.,

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