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ePals Launches Upgraded Language Translation Tool

Posted Aug 19, 2009
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ePals, Inc., has announced a major upgrade to In response to rapid international growth within the ePals Global Community, the company has expanded its instant translation tool to now comprise an additional 26 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, and Vietnamese. Now offering 35 languages in total, the updated language translation tool allows more than 1,000 language pairs to be made between educators and students worldwide. The expansion encourages teachers and students from all parts of the world to connect and collaborate without language barriers.

The ePals Global Community of K-12 learners enables more than half a million educators and millions of students across 200 countries and territories to safely connect, exchange ideas, and work together, according to the announcement. Educators can access a variety of social networking tools and high quality content for free that engage students in collaboration with peers around the world. Ways for classrooms to connect include ePals SchoolM@il and Classroom Match. SchoolM@il allows teachers to moderate student communication between peers. It also is a school-safe email solution that includes an embedded instant translation function. Using Classroom Match, educators can locate other classrooms with whom to safely connect and collaborate. Search criteria include topic, country, language, age range, and others.


For more information about the ePals Global Community and to check out the updated language translation tool, visit


Source: ePals,

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