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ePals Launches 2008 Election Central

Posted Oct 27, 2008
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ePals, Inc., has announced the launch of 2008 Election Central ( with an eye to helping students address questions such as these: How does a U.S. presidential election work? What are the major issues facing both U.S. voters and citizens of the world? Which candidate for President would lead to betterment of lives all over the world? Providing an online space for students and teachers to connect with peers worldwide to discuss the upcoming U.S. presidential election, this issue-oriented group brings together a series of activities, projects, and resources to create learning moments for students around a topic of global importance, according to the announcement.


Available to all members of the ePals Global Learning Community, Election Central frames the topic of the U.S. election around four main platforms: The Election Process, Meet the Candidates, Inside the Issues, and Media Influence. Each platform provides students opportunities for intelligent exchange, access interactive resources, and the opportunity to voice their opinions on real-world election issues. In Election Central's blog and forums, students can weigh in on various election topics, answer daily thought-provoking questions, and compare and contrast different election processes around the world. Election Central also provides a teacher-led unit and a forum for teachers to connect with their colleagues around the world to discuss best practices and to gain additional perspectives on the election and its global effects.


Election Central is sponsored by Disney through its education-focused brand, Schoolhouse Rock.


For more information about Election Central, visit

Source: ePals, Inc.,

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