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ePals Introduces SchoolMail365 Cloud-Based School and District-Wide Email

Posted Feb 2, 2011
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ePals, Inc. has announced SchoolMail365 next-generation cloud-based email for schools and districts. ePals SchoolMail365 delivers enterprise-grade email specifically designed for K-12, with role-based policies governing all email communications, SchoolSafe controlled access to third-party applications, and embedded student learning support.

ePals SchoolMail365 is a cloud-based solution integrating Microsoft Live@edu infrastructure. It allows users to access their accounts anytime, anywhere and on any device. The communication solution is based on what education reporter Chris Dawson terms as the "template for education in the cloud" and is already being deployed by leading school districts including New York City Public Schools.

SchoolMail365 eliminates the need for maintaining location-based, on-premises systems, saving schools significant money each year. This cloud-based solution is estimated to save schools substantial resources annually, up to $5 million annually in N

ePals SchoolMail365 has many distinguishing features, notably:

* Role & Group-Based Policies - A communication solution delivering hierarchical, K-12 role- and group-based policies governing inbound and outbound, intra-school and cross-district email traffic. Includes mail monitoring, moderation and filtering. Automates COPPA, CIPA and FERPA compliance.

* Smart School Directories and Contact Lists - Email address books are auto-populated based on school policies and an individual's role and communication rights, improving ease of communication and eliminating the need to find and manage approved contact lists.

* SchoolSafe Access to Third-Party Applications - The SchoolSafe dashboard provides policy-based access linking students to district-selected third-party learning applications (e.g. Google Docs, Moodle).

* Automated Account and Policy Administration - Integrates with current and legacy student information systems to provide simple deployment and automated day-to-day manageability.

* Optional Email Archiving and E-Discovery - Through ePals Certified Partner Program, onsite training, email archiving and e-discovery, and a host of additional, optional services are available.

More information about SchoolMail365 can be found at:

Source: ePals, Inc.,

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